What We Accept

What We Accept - Donation Guidelines

Donations accepted based on the condition and at the discretion of the Receiving manager.

  • Appliances - We accept older and newer appliances. Please include owner’s manuals if you have them as they add value to your donation. We accept garbage disposals.
  • Cabinets - We accept cabinets as complete units provided they have working doors, hardware, shelving, etc.
  • Countertops - Must be in good condition, not having excessive markings, stains, chips, water damage, or sink cutouts. No banjo style tops.
  • Chemicals - We CAN NOT accept toxic, hazardous substances (i.e. pesticides, powders, paint thinners, or other chemicals).
  • Doors - We accept doors only in GOOD condition. They must not have holes (other than normal hardware), cracks, rot, etc. We do accept metal bi-fold doors.
  • Electrical - We accept electrical parts, wire, plugs, plates and the hardware associated with electrical wiring. Electric Ballasts must be new and in the box only. Old style (non-electronic) ballasts must say “No PCB’s” on the label.
  • Fans - We accept fans only if they are complete and in working condition. Please include the hanger bracket.
  • Flooring material - We accept new carpet from retailers, suppliers and contractors only. We will accept vinyl flooring, sheet goods, but NO SCRAPS please.
  • Tile - We accept only new ceramic tile, granite and travertine. We accept any amounts of unbroken VCT tile.
  • Hardware and Fasteners - We accept hardware for doors, cabinets, etc. We accept all type of NEW fasteners, screws, nails, staples and rivets.
  • Lighting - We accept light fixtures in working condition. Light Bulbs (including fluorescent) must be new and in the box only.
  • Lumber • Plywood • Sheetrock • Trim - We accept full and half sheets of plywood and sheetrock. We accept full lengths and shorter lengths of lumber, but not less than 4 feet long. We accept trim material, but not less than 4 feet long. Please, NO material with rot, nails, screws, staples, brads, etc.
  • Pipe • PVC • Metal • Copper - We accept 4 feet and over of any type of pipe. We accept all related supplies and fittings.
  • Plumbing • Tubs • Sinks • Showers • Toilets - We accept tubs, cast iron tubs, sinks, and vanities if they are in good condition and clean. Sinks must not have excessive markings, stains, chips, or other damage. We accept toilets only if they are in working condition and are the low flush (1.6 gallon) type. They must be very clean! We will not accept dirty toilets under any circumstance.
  • Roofing Material • Gutters • Downspouts • Insulation - We accept all types of roofing material such as rolled roofing material, metal roofing, and bundles of new shingles. We also accept gutter/downspout materials that are in full pieces and are not rusty, bent up, or damaged. We accept used or new, rolled or sheet insulation in good shape.
  • Tools - We accept all hand and power tools in working condition.
  • Windows • Screens - We accept DOUBLE PANE windows of all types if the glass is intact. If they are casement type, we appreciate having the hardware and cranks. We accept storm windows. We LOVE Antique single pane wooden windows!
  • Damaged metallic merchandise - We accept metal sinks, metal tubs, metal doors, etc. We accept any miscellaneous metal items.
  • Furniture (couches, chairs, dining room sets, office furniture, etc) - all items must be stain free, pet free and not damaged.

What We Do Not Accept - Donation Guidelines

  • Window Coverings (i.e. blinds)
  • Sleeper sofas, damaged, stained or pet hair furniture, mattresses
  • Mirror, Glass, used Glass shower doors.
  • Counter Top’s with sink cutouts (we accept solid surface counter tops)
  • Fluorescent Light Blubs, We do not accept used fluorescent lighting fixtures
  • Paint or stain
  • Used Ceramic Tile
  • Used carpet or pads
  • Propane tanks or gas tanks
  • Single pane windows with metal frames
  • Electronics (no TV, Computer, Fax machines, etc.)
  • Toilets that are not assembled, i.e. tank and bottom half not together
  • No conference tables