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Our Mission

The Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity ReSTORE, LLC. has been established as a self-sustaining fund raising entity to benefit Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity.

Our vision is to convert charitable donations of building materials into cash for use by Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity to construct simple, decent, affordable homes. We set a high standard for stewardship of God’s resources in El Paso County by helping to divert and recycle thousands of tons of usable material from being deposited into local landfills. The ReStore provides: 

  •  A retail outlet for low-cost building materials and home improvement products in Colorado Springs. El Paso County residents benefit from access to these discounted building materials.
  • Enhanced opportunities for volunteers to get involved helping families in need in our community.
The ReSTORE is staffed with a paid manager, assistant managers and volunteers.

The History of ReStore's

As Habitat for Humanity started building more homes and becoming more popular, they found themselves inundated with generous offers of new and used building materials. Many were simply being thrown away. It became apparent there was both a problem and an opportunity.

The problem: the building industry does an inadequate job at reusing surplus materials.
The opportunity: to accept and pick up those materials to use and sell. And so, the ReSTORE was born.

New and used building materials are donated to the ReSTORE. In turn, the store offers tremendous bargains on lumber, windows, hardwood and laminate flooring, electrical, tile, plumbing, doors, cabinets, hardware, lighting, carpet, and much, much more to the public! These donations come from three primary sources:

Individuals – People who are renovating their houses often call to donate materials which have been removed. Homeowners, in the middle of cleaning up a room or garage, find something they feel might be of value in someone else's home and call us - instead of collecting dust in their home! Habitat volunteers offer their time and energy to pick these items up and deliver them to the ReSTORE.

Building Materials Suppliers
– We pick up the over-stock from large hardware stores, electrical and plumbing suppliers. Construction contractors donate by turning over their surplus materials from project sites or by removing their unwanted inventory.

Deconstruction Projects – Incredible amounts of building material end up in area landfills. Such waste is costly as well as environmentally unacceptable. Contractors, engineers, architects, and demolition crews are encouraged to contact the ReSTORE when reusable materials become available from construction or projected demolition sites.

The ReSTORE encourages the recycling of reusable quality products. Proceeds from items donated go directly to help Pikes Peak Habitat for Humanity in its mission of providing safe, decent, affordable housing to low-income working people in our community. As an added benefit, the discounted products provide low-income homeowners with a cost-effective alternative when they repair or renovate their homes, thus helping preserve Pikes Peak Habitat’s supply of affordable housing.

Donations to nonprofit organizations are tax deductible. All donors receive a donation receipt itemizing their gift.